Future events organised for club members outside of the weekly club runs.  For any of the events please email the club, club@hargrovescycles.cc, to let us know if you want to join us. For members who use Facebook these events will be added to the calendar on our Facebook group, and so if you want to join in simply accept the invitation.  

Spring 2016 highlight ride - South Wales - 17th April

The first highlight club run of 2016 will be in the hills of South Wales.  The route is being finalised now but it's going to be around 100km with 1500m of ascent including the Tumble which tops out at around 450m with a typical ascent time of about 30 mins.  Full details can be found by following this link -> http://www.hargrovescycles.cc/?page_id=1528&preview=true  

Update : 10th April

Only a week now till we go riding round those Welsh hills and valleys. The aim is to drive to Usk to be there for around 9:30 and be riding for 10:00, according to Google maps it will take about 2.5 hours to get there so we need to leave Totton by 7am. So suggest we meet by 6:45am at the shop. Parking in Usk is a bit of an unknown, but looking at Google Earth view the biggest car park is roughly in the center of Usk with the entrance off of Maryport St. so we'll meet there. I recommend anyone who's driving to make themselves aware of Usk using Google Earth view.
So far I know of the following attending : Ross, Gaz, Steve (van Witcher), Chris (Jenkins), there are a couple of guys from Fareham, Paul (Hudson), Martin, Dave (Ullett) We're assuming Chris needs a lift, does anyone else so we can organise spaces and the number of cars we need ? Thanks Paul
    Go Battle Mountain : Graeme Obree story + Q&A - Harbour Lights, Southampton - 21st April, 8pm This isn't a HCCC event but could be of interest to our members. On the 21st April at 8pm the Harbour Lights cinema in Southampton is showing the movie about Graeme Obree's attempt at the HPV record at Battle Mountain, Nevada which will be followed by a Q&A session with the man himself.  Apparently he's a fascinating man to listen to and has many stories to tell about his accomplishments both on and off the bike, from world records to the battle with Chris Boardman over who was the fastest man on earth at the time to his own very personal battle against depression.  Hope to see a few of you there. BTW did I mention the bar at the cinema serves Leffe, and you can take it into the screening 🙂